Pieter adores drawing with brushes for the freedom and looseness it allows, for the accidents along the road, the meanings hidden in an unexpected twirl of the brush, the possibilities uncovered by a splash of ink on the page. 

Currently working on an illustrated guide of plants and animals in the Low Countries, Pieter does mainly book illustration and editorial work. His clients include Gottmer Kinderboeken, Oxfam, Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen and De Standaard. He specializes in live drawings and has participated in an array of productions with classical and jazz musicians. 

As a child, Pieter Fannes wanted to become a comic book artist. In his teens, he shifted his attention to music. Almost by accident, he got a masters degree in history at the University of Leuven. After that, he started to work as an illustrator. In parallel, he has obtained a PhD in educational sciences at KULeuven.  He is coordinator of road safety NGO Heroes for Zero. Pieter lives and works in Brussels with his wife, their two sons and a cat, and tries to keep his days as uncomplicated as possible. 

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